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FitTite Products by Bokor Manufacturing Inc.

Bokor Manufacturing Inc. is the creator, designer and manufacturer of the FitTite Filter and FitTite Silencer product line.

We established in 1990 with the introduction of the original aluminum silencer designed to decrease blower noise for food grade bulk tank trucks. Now known as the FitTite Silencer, our silencer can be found on trucks all over the world with customers in the US, Canada, Mexico and as far as Australia. Our durable design and market longevity is a testament to our belief in making dependable and reliable products. The FitTite Silencer is widely recognized as the markets’ leading aluminum bulk tank truck food grade silencer.

In 2014, we launched FitTite Silencer’s sister product, the FitTite Filter. Our inlet filter unit was designed specifically to alleviate all mounting issues created by aerodynamic trends in the trucking industry. Our filter unit fits tight behind the cab of the trunk instead of infringing on valuable side rail space. FitTite filter will enhance the trucks aesthetic with its sleek, shiny design highlighted by a checker plate lid, which seals off the unit from all outside elements.

Bokor Manufacturing Inc. also specializes in mig and tig aluminum welding and has leveraged this skill for many custom manufacturing jobs. Due to its location in the heart of Southwestern Ontario’s agriculture industry we recognized a demand for expanding self-propelled sprayer tanks to allow the owner operator optimal usage while in turn significantly increasing their productivity.

We are a family run business. We pride ourselves on designing and manufacturing products that create solutions for industry limitations while holding the highest standards in reliability, dependability and quality.


Three generations of manufacturing. Ken Bokor, Randi Bokor & Mike Bokor

Three generations of manufacturing. Ken Bokor, Randi Bokor & Mike Bokor