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FitTite Silencers

FitTite Side Mount Silencer Exclusive Features:                                                                                                                                                                           

  • Heavy-duty outer shell made with 3/16th plate, fully welded for superior construction
  • front-viewUltra-light, marine grade aluminum construction, lightest on the market
  • Weighing only 31 lbs, it’s 50% lighter than comparable stainless steel silencersside-view
  • All acoustic material used is sealed in, no break down, longer life, NO CONTAMINATION
  • High temp. acoustic material, up to 2100° F
  • Will not rust
  • Food-grade
  • Cost Effective




Best aluminum silencer on the market for over 20 years

Filter2Food-grade, long-term, cost-effective solution to blower discharge noise.

  • Simple, compact design allows for 6 dBA noise reduction through mechanical cancellation
  • Ultra-light aluminum construction lightest on the market: Weighs 60% less than stainless steel silencers
  • Works with all blower types up to 15 psig
  • No packing material used, no break down, longer life, no contamination
  • Heavy duty, fully welded for extended life
  • Will not rust
  • Food Grade
  • Easily stored
  • Cost Effective

FitTite Silencer Specs:

silencer shematic